Kakukyu “Hatchomiso no sato”(カクキュー「八丁味噌の郷」)

八丁味噌 蔵

Hatcho miso is a local soul food that has been much-loved since the early Edo period.  Kakukyu continue to hand down the traditional taste using the traditional production methods.  Factory tours are also available.

八丁味噌 外観

Kakukyu office is a registered cultural property. You can sense the atmosphere of the early Showa period.


Traditional miso-making is exhibited using 7 lifelike figures. They are modelled on actual craftsmen.

八丁味噌 ソフトクリーム

Miso soft-serve ice cream ¥300

Exquisite combination of slightly fragrant miso flavor and sweet soft-serve ice cream.

Kakukyu "Hatchomiso no sato"(カクキュー「八丁味噌󠄀の郷」)

Address:69 Okan Dori, Hatchocho,Okazaki City
Opening Hours:Admission of the factory tours: 10:00-16:00 (Mon.-Fri.),inquiry required for Sat., Sun., Hol., Kiosk: 9:00-17:00
Holiday:None scheduled
Access:5 min. walk from Okazaki Koen-Mae Sta. of Meitetsu Nagoya Line, or 3 min. walk from Naka-okazaki Sta. of Aichi Loop Line